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The New American Garden The Landscape Architecture of Oehme & van Sweden

The  LSU Student Union Art Gallery is proud to present  The New American Garden: The Landscape Architecture of Oehme, van Sweden, a photographic landscape architecture exhibition which chronicles the careers and influence of Wolfgang Oehme and James van Sweden . The exhibit

David Humphreys & Aaron Hogan Exhibit

In many ways, local artists are at the heart of every community. Local art can bring a community together by giving the people who live in that community personal enjoyment and intellectual stimulation while encouraging local involvement.The LSU Student Union Art

Matt Shlian Exhibit

Matt Shlian, a paper engineer rooted in book arts, print media and design, brings his traveling to theLSU Student Union Art Gallery from April 15- May 24, 2016. The exhibit is free & open to everyone. Through the exhibit, Shlian explores how

Gallery Commitment

The LSU Student Union Art Gallery is dedicated to the enrichment of the cultural and intellectual life at Louisiana State University. The Union Art Advisory Committee is committed to the presentation and exhibition of the highest quality of art that will stimulate visitors to think and to learn about the art of diverse times, places, and peoples. We also seek to preserve and promote Louisiana art.

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