2014 20″ X 20″ X 20″ Compact Competition & Exhibition

April 17, 2014

2014 20”x20”x20”: National Compact Competition and Exhibition
Award Winners & Participants.
Exhibition Date: April 14 through May 16, 2014
Free & Open to the Public


Baton Rouge, LA – After being under construction since August of last year, the LSU Student Union Art Gallery will open its doors once again!  The Art Gallery boasts new LED track lighting for better viewing, updated amenities that will allow the gallery to bring in more modern exhibits and glass doors that will allow visitors to the Art Gallery as well as the LSU Student Union to see the contents in each exhibit at any time when the building is open. The renovated space will enable the Gallery to show more than 80 works in each exhibit as well as the ability to present a greater diversity of special exhibitions and expand its programming for the LSU community and the public at large. 

The Art Gallery and all exhibits in the gallery are free and open to the public!

For the Art Gallery’s first show since renovation, the LSU Student Union Art Advisory Committee is proud to announce the unveiling of the 2014 20”x20”x20”: National Compact Competition and Exhibition. This year the exhibit will feature the works of 60 artists from 19 different states. The selected works will be on view from April 14 through May 16, 2014, in the LSU Student Union Art Gallery at Louisiana State University.

Guest juror, Shana Barefoot of the Museum of Contemporary Art Atlanta, Georgia, awarded $6,000 in cash prizes, with a $1,800 prize for first place, $1,200 for second place, $900 for third place, and five honorable mentions at $400 each. The first place prize was awarded to Louisiana native Casey Parkinson for her porcelain sculptures

Fragile 1 – 21.  Second place went to Liza Botkin-Hennessy for her gelatin silver print Synchronized Standing.  Tres Roemer’s analog collage made of cut and paste paper, Window One, placed third.  The five honorable mentions were awarded to Samuel Hoffman’s oil painting Room 662, Nancy McGee’s archival digital print on aluminum Night and Day, Burton Tysinger’s painted wood Bluff, Soonae Tark’s acrylics under acrylite Sugar Candy #52, and Jeffrey Gelick’s oil pastel and graphite Pact.


Sixteen of the 60 participants are Louisiana artists:

  • Nicole Duet
  • Joshua Duncan
  • Michael Elliot-Smith
  • Robert Fogel
  • Lucy Landry
  • Madeline Marak
  • Hannah Cooper McCauley
  • Gail Morgan
  • Dale Newkirk
  • Casey Parkinson
  • Brian Paulino
  • Keith Perelli
  • Jeffrey Stephens
  • Sydney Ruth Szot
  • Lana Bernard Toniolo
  • Mark Vargo

Other Southern artists include:

  • Mary Margaret Morgan: Alabama
  • Sky Shineman: Alabama
  • Jessie Smith: Alabama
  • Ry McCullough: Georgia
  • Kathryn Nussdorf: Georgia
  • Joseph Melancon: Florida
  • Val R. Wright: Florida
  • Burton Tysinger: North Carolina
  • Susan Card: South Carolina
  • Michael Marks: South Carolina
  • Edward Shmunes; South Carolina
  • Charlie Newton: Tennessee
  • Marilyn Avery Turner: Tennessee
  • Eva Graf: Texas
  • Jennifer Motes: Texas
  • Yorgo Pasadeos: Texas
  • Aaron Treher: West Virginia

Midwest artists include:

  • Jeffrey Gelick: Illinois
  • Samantha Haring: Illinois
  • Magda Osterhuber: Illinois
  • Domingo Parada: Illinois
  • Robert Schwieger: Illinois
  • Ian Shelly: Illinois
  • Samuel Hoffman: Indiana
  • Candace Zebell: Michigan
  • Peggy Wyman: Missouri
  • Nancy McGee: Wisconsin
  • Adam Porter: Wisconsin

East Coast artists include:

  • Sandra Tardo-Long: Maine
  • AJ Nadel: New York
  • Tres Roemer: New York
  • Soonae Tark: New York
  • Sara Zak: New York
  • Chloe Feldman-Emison: New Hampshire
  • James Parlin: Pennsylvania
  • Allegra Kuhn: Vermont

Western Region artists include:

  • Liza Botkin-Hennessy: California
  • Michael Rich: California

About the LSU Student Union Art Gallery: The LSU Student Union Art Gallery hours of operation are Monday – Friday, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. and is free & open to the general public.

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