iPhone & Android Chargers Now Available at the Student Union

May 6, 2016
iPhone & Android Chargers Now Available at the Student Union

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We’ve all been there. You got home late last night and forgot to plug your phone in OR your charger wasn’t actually connected during your drive to school this morning.  Now, you’re on campus with snap stories that could help piece together the night before AND an e-mail from your professor letting you know that class has been cancelled- but your phone is dead.

Fear no more.  The LSU Student Union now provides both iPhone & Android chargers at the Information Desk. Simply hand over your Tiger Card and choose from the following options, including wall adapters, to help bring your phone back to life:
  • iPhone 5 and newer models

  • Android

  • iPhone 4 and older models

  • USB wall adapters

When you’re finished, simply return the charger to the Information Desk to receive your Tiger Card.  If you have any questions, please contact Auxiliary Services at