Campus/ Interdepartmental Mail Service

LSU Campus Mail Services

We value your feedback!  Please send us your comments regarding experiences with Campus Mail,  Bulk Mail or Metered Mail to  We are happy to answer any questions you have regarding LSU Mailing Services!

What is considered campus mail?

Campus mail is correspondence circulated within the LSU mail system without postage. Campus mail is used to conduct daily business with specific individuals/departments or to reach a general University population to distribute information on University policies or events. All campus mail material must originate from the department it represents. Mailings representing off-campus, non-LSU affiliated organizations must be sent via the US Postal Service (PS-91).

Where do I get campus mail envelopes?71nki2WtUXL

Recycled/reusable Campus Mail Envelopes are available through The UPS Store, email: . New campus mail envelopes can be purchased through GeauxShop.

How long does campus mail take?

Delivery of campus mail should take no longer than one business day. If your mail has taken longer, please email

Will you deliver a certified letter on through campus mail?
No. A notice will be sent to the recipient. Certified letters must be signed for and picked up at The UPS Store at LSU located at 101 LSU Student Union.

My department would like to send a large mailing to students, faculty, and staff. Can we use campus mail for this purpose?
Yes, departments may send on campus bulk mailings. For a mailing list contact Leigh Sasser ( at the Office of Human Resource Management, and provide the address parameters you are requesting (i.e., faculty, staff, etc.).

Larger mailings to students will need to be done via USPS mail or E-Blastl. If student has an LSU box, then distribution fees will be determined on a case-by-case basis.