About Event Management

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday:  8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.


(225) 578-5666


(225) 578-4329

Event Spaces
The LSU Student Union offers more than 20 meeting rooms with seating capacities for 10 – 1,311 persons. For reservations call 225-578-5666. Areas which are reserved through the LSU Student Union Event Management Office include: meeting rooms, event space such as the Theater, Ballrooms, ground floor tables, LSU Student Union Front Lawn, Memorial Oak Grove, Free Speech Circle, Union Plaza, Parade Ground, Greek Theater, and other LSU Grounds and Fields.
How to Reserve
All reservations must be made through the Event Management Office.

  • Online Reservations
  • Email Request
  • In Person at the Event Management office Located at 310 in the Student Union
  • Fax Request (225) 578-4329

Policy requires all food/beverages must be catered through LSU Catering, (225) 578-6656 or catering@lsu.edu

Media Services

The LSU Student Union has an outstanding Media Services team. If your event requires additional audio/visual, lighting, or data equipment our highly trained staff will be happy to provide equipment and setup, as well as monitoring of the event if necessary. Equipment and technician fees may apply.

Rental Charges

The LSU Student Union is funded through self-generated funds and student fees. The facility is available at NO charge to student organizations and university departments and divisions when the sponsoring group is not collecting money for the event. Rental charges are made for space when the event falls into one of the following categories: admission fee, registration fee, ticketed event, grant support, or if the event is planned primarily for the benefit of participants outside the University. Noncompliance with this policy may result in loss of reservation privileges.