Donation Requests

Auxiliary Services exist to provide essential services and goods to support the University in its academic mission. We offer a multitude of diverse services that satisfy the needs and expectations of the LSU community. Auxiliary Services will support the academic, research, and public service mission of LSU through entrepreneurial leadership in providing the highest quality services, operations, and stewardship of resources in support of a dynamic student experience.


Campus Departments and Student Organizations are eligible for donations from LSU Auxiliary Services if they meet the following criteria:

  • The event contributes to the university’s mission and positively impacts the university community.
  • The Student Organization is a registered student organization in good standing as certified by Campus Life.
  • The student organization has no outstanding financial obligations that are 30 days past due with any entities reporting to LSU Auxiliary Services.

Application Process:

All requests for donations must be submitted by filling out the form linked here. The Executive Director of LSU Auxiliary Services must approve all requests. Decisions are made on a case-by-case basis. Because of the volume of requests for donations we receive, requests must be made four weeks prior to the event to ensure ample time to review the application. The contact person listed on the application may be contacted for further information about the request or for a meeting to discuss the donation request. A decision will be made at least two weeks prior to the event, and the contact person will be notified of the decision.



Any donations given by LSU Auxiliary Services shall not be used for resale nor to make any sort of profit. Also, all donations must be used for the purpose stated and approved in the Donation Request Application. Any infringement of these restrictions could deem that department or student organization ineligible for future donations from LSU Auxiliary Services.

After the Event:

After the event occurs, the student organization or department should provide LSU Auxiliary Services with a report of how the donation was used at the event. (Please fill out After Event Form HERE)

The report should include all final details including: the final expenses for the event, the amount of people in attendance to the event, a summary of how LSU Auxiliary Services was promoted / featured at the event, and pictures of the event. This report should be submitted no later than one week after the event occurs.