Mission, Vision, Goals

Mission Statement

The mission of the LSU Student Union is to serve students, faculty, staff, alumni, and guests as the community center of the campus; to provide a supportive environment for a comprehensive program of cultural, educational, social, recreational, and service activities; to cultivate leadership development in students; to provide appropriate facilities, services, and conveniences for the diverse needs and activities of the campus community; and to create a sense of community that fosters enduring loyalty to the university.


The vision of the Union is to be a hub of student activity and to be among the nation’s premier college unions in facilities, programs, student development opportunities, and services for the campus community. The Union is student-centered and seeks to attain standards of excellence in all areas of endeavor.


The goals of the LSU Student Union are to:

  • Provide a variety of services and conveniences which are responsive to the diverse and constantly changing needs of the campus.
  • Preserve the facility for current and future generations of college students by practicing continuous high standards of maintenance, sustainability, refurbishment, and renovation
  • Provide space for student organizations and for student activities’ support offices.
  • Provide programs and activities which enhance personal development, complement the academic experience, and promote a cultivation of the arts
  • Provide opportunities for student leadership development through student employment, boards, committees, and volunteerism.
  • Recruit, support, develop, and retain excellent staff who are committed to service and to the visions and goals of the Union and Louisiana State University.