Replacement Tiger Card


If your Tiger Card is lost, stolen or damaged, there is a $20 replacement fee that can be paid by cash, check or TigerCASH. All checks should be made out to Tiger Card Office. The Tiger Card Office does not accept debit cards or credit cards.

To obtain a new ID please have your driver’s license, state ID, military ID or passport for identification purposes. You MUST have a government issued photo ID to obtain a replacement Tiger Card.

Replacement Tiger Cards are issued at the LSU Student Union Room 109.

You WILL NOT be charged a replacement fee for damaged cards if…

  • Your Tiger Card has reader damage.
  • Your Tiger Card will not hold encoding or the laminate is peeling.
  • Your photo or text is fading (not because of rubbing).
  • You have a name or status change. For a name change, you must bring in paperwork from the Registrar’s Office stating the change.

You WILL be charged a replacement fee for lost card if…

  • Your Tiger Card has been misused (torn, chewed by pet).
  • Your Tiger Card is bent.
  • Your Tiger Card is broken or split.
  • A hole was punched or stickers are on your Tiger Card.
  • Your Tiger Card is warped from heat (dashboard, clothes dryer).

To ensure the security of your Tiger Card, we allow each card-holder to have only one Tiger Card in their possession at any time.

TigerCASH is not cash refundable when Tiger Cards are lost, stolen, or damaged.

If you have questions about the Tiger Card, please contact the Tiger Card Office at 225.578-4300, or email us at