International Mail

International Mail

    Before placing your international letter or package in your out-going mail:
    Attach necessary Customs Form
    Attach International Postage Charge Form
    Ensure mail item displays a valid University return address
    Keep separate from your out-going Domestic Mail

    Customs forms can be completed online on the US Postal Services International Mail Webpage at: Print the completed customs form and attach to your parcel.

    For assistance with International mailing requirements, contact The UPS Store at:

    Customs Forms Basic Guidelines

    Detailed information regarding International Mailing is available on US Postal Service website, and USPS Postal Explorer.

    First Class Mail International
    All Letter-size and Flat-size items. Containing documents only
    Under 16 oz – No customs form
    16oz or more, Less than $400 value – PS Form 2976

    All Items containing any goods, regardless of weight
    Less than $400 value – PS Form 2976
    Over $400 – Prohibited. Must be sent using Priority Mail
    International or Priority Mail Express International

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    Priority Mail International
    All Values – PS Form 2976-A
    Mailed in USPS-produced Priority Mail International packaging
    or any other container bearing a Priority Mail sticker or
    marked with the words “Priority Mail” is within scope of this

    Priority Mail Express International
    All Values – PS Form 2976-B

    Airmail M Bags
    Less than $400 Value – PS Form 2976 affixed to PS Tag 158
    Over $400 or over 66lbs – Prohibited

    International Address Formats

    Print complete address clearly in capital letters with a pen or permanent marker
    Do not use commas or periods
    City destination must appear in capital letters with the correct post code or zone number, if any
    The last line of the address must show only the country name, in full (no abbreviations) in English, and in capital letters

    International Address Format Examples
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