Meal Plans

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Who is REQUIRED to have a meal plan?

All 1st and 2nd year students that live on campus, with the exception of 2nd year students living in ECA and WCA, are required to have a Residential Meal Plan.

  • First year students living in ECA and WCA must have a meal plan
  • Classification (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior) is not taken into consideration for this rule. All first and second year students, no matter their classification, are required to have a meal plan if they live on campus

What if I don’t register for a meal plan?

If you do not choose a meal plan prior to the 14th business day after classes begin and you are a 1st and 2nd year student living on campus, you will be automatically assigned the TIGER 12 meal plan.

What if I want to change my meal plan?

Meal Plans can be changed up until the 14th business day after classes begin. After this time period, students cannot change meal plans. NO EXCEPTIONS. Fee bills should be checked to ensure a meal plan status prior to the 14th day

What if I move off campus?

If students move off campus, they are not mandated to have a meal plan, however if this change occurs and the proper steps to remove the meal plan are not taken prior to the 14th day of class, the meal plan will remain on the account for that semester.

When a student leaves Residential Housing, they must remove their meal plan themselves or have the Tiger Card Office remove this plan. In order for the Tiger Card Office to remove the meal plan, the student must present a Res Life separation form showing they have canceled their housing to the TCO supervisor.

Other Information to Know

For more information, please visit the LSU Dining FAQ’S Page for all your questions about meal plans

Important note regarding unused balances left from a current semester meal plan:

If you have left over Paw Points from the Fall semester, you will be able to use them in the Spring term if you have purchased a Spring semester meal plan that include Paw Points. Transfer of those Paw Points will occur after the 14th class day of the Spring semester.

Any unused Paw Points at the end of the Spring semester will expire.