Paw Points

What are Paw Points?

Paw Points refer to the retail portion of the Meal Plans. Paw Points are tied to your LSU Tiger Card. These dollars can be used in any Dining retail location to pay a la carte. These dollars may also be used to pay door price for entrance into the all-you-care-to-eat facilities. Paw Points may NOT be used off campus.

Can I buy additional Paw Points?

No, you cannot purchase additional meal blocks or Paw Points. However, you may add TigerCASH to your card at any time which is accepted at all LSU dining locations.  TigerCASH does not expire and can be used at designated locations on and off campus.

What is the difference between Paw Points and TigerCASH?

Paw Points and TigerCASH are accepted at all campus LSU Dining locations. The only way to get Paw Points is with a Meal Plan. Meal Plans, Paw Points and TigerCASH are loaded onto your Tiger Card for your convenience.

Paw Points can only be used at LSU Dining locations. For example, you can use Paw Points at McDonald’s or Einstein Bros Bagels in the LSU Student Union (1st floor), Tiger Lair Food Court (2nd Floor), Magnolia Room Restaurant (3rd floor), CC’s Coffeehouse in Middleton Library, Smoothie King in the UREC,  Atrium Café, Chick-N-Grill at Pierre’s Landing (near Taylor Hall), The Club at Union Square (students, faculty and staff welcome), and much more!  See the LSU Dining map for all of our locations.  Paw Points have a one-time roll over from Fall to Spring if you have a Spring Meal Plan that includes Paw Points.  At the end of the Spring semester, any unused Paw Points are lost. This one-time transfer occurs after the 14th class day.

TigerCASH can be used at the LSU Bookstore, computer labs, vending machines, laundry machines, student section concession stands and numerous off-campus locations. TigerCASH is also the only way to copy and print on-campus. TigerCASH funds are available from deposits you make either online, at the Tiger Card Office or at any of the TigerCASH Kiosk located on campus.  Remember that TigerCASH does roll over from semester to semester and you will never lose it.  When you graduate or leave the university, any remaining funds will be reimbursed to you

Important note regarding unused balances left from a current semester meal plan:

If you have left over Paw Points from the Fall semester, you will be able to use them in the Spring term if you have purchased a Spring semester meal plan. Transfer of those Paw Points will occur after the 14th class day of the Spring semester.

Any unused Paw Points at the end of the Spring semester will expire.

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