TigerCASH Info to Know

What is Tiger CASH and where can I use it?
TigerCASH is a free service provided to all active card holders. TigerCASH is a debit system that allows one to purchase items all over campus as well as off-campus

How do I obtain a Tiger CASH account?
Everyone with a Tiger Card has a Tiger CASH account. Making a deposit will activate the account.

How do I make a deposit to my Tiger CASH account?
Deposits may be made in the Tiger Card office located on the 1st floor of the Student Union, at the Tiger Card Kiosk on the 1st floor of the Student Union, at the 4 TigerCASH Kiosk machines (LSU Student Union, Patrick F.Taylor Hall, Middleton Library and the Law School), as well as on the web at www.tigercard.lsu.edu. In office deposits may be made with cash, check, or money order. Web deposits may be made with credit cards (will charge 2.5% processing fee) or by bank draft (use a routing number for no processing fee). VTS machines except cash only. Add Tiger CASH via your fee bill through “Additional Services” on PAWS, using the 3001 as the code.

Can parents add money to a Tiger CASH account?
Yes, parents may make deposits in the same fashion as students themselves.

How may I check the balance on my account?
Balances may be checked online, in the office or at a VTS machine.

What happens to the money at the end of the semester?
TigerCASH accounts remain open and funds carry over to the next semester until graduation or resignation. Then, you must request your remaining balance.

May I withdraw money from Tiger CASH?
Withdrawals CAN NOT be made from an account at any time.

How do I close an account?
Students may close accounts and obtain refunds upon graduation or withdrawal from the University. Request forms are available in the office and online. Also, a written request containing the account holder’s name, ID #, telephone number and address may be sent in as a formal request. Faculty and Staff may close accounts at any time using the same procedure.

Why does the balance from a vending machine show a lower balance than my actual balance?
Vending machines may display the amount of its highest price item as the balance. Actual balances may be obtained in the office, at a Kiosk machine or on the online office.

What happens if I lose money in a Kiosk or vending machine? How do I get a refund?
Vending machine refunds are only given due to machine malfunctions. Please visit the Tiger Card Office located on the first floor of the Student Union to talk to a Tiger Card representative about the vending machine issue.