Union Board Games

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You may have noticed a group of students huddled around a table in the Union lately with playing cards in their hands or maybe heard the familiar childhood sound of a buzzer going off signifying that time is up. The LSU Student Union is pleased to announce that it is now offering students a fun new option when coming to the Union! Students can now check board games out to play while waiting for their next class or to just get away from the stresses of school and have a good time playing games with friends. Board Games can be checked out at the Information Desk located on the 2nd floor with a valid LSU student I.D.

There are 11 board games to choose from:

  • Apples 2 Apples
  • Decks of Cards
  • Scattergories
  • Scrabble
  • LSUopoly
  • Pictionary
  • Sorry
  • Headbandz
  • Operation
  • Risk
  • Taboo

Connor Dizor, Sophomore Religious Studies major and Member of the Phi Sigma Pi National Honors Fraternity, brought the idea to LSU Student Union Staff. Connor states ” the idea of the board games came about one day last semester when one of my brothers, Shane Bickham (Civil Engineering Senior), brought his own personal board game with him to the Union.” Since a lot of Connor’s Fraternity brothers sit in the Union every day between classes instead of going back to their off campus apartments, they decided to use that free time to play Shane’s board game. “It was the most fun that we had had in the Union.” Connor, also Vice President of the Residence Hall Association, has some experience with bringing board games to the students “In my experience with the residence halls, they are easy to keep track of, check out, and fun.  So I thought if the residence halls have board games behind their front desks that students can check out, why can’t the Union do the same thing?” Once the idea was there, Connor immediately went to Executive Director of Auxiliary Services, Margot H. Carroll “she loved it”.

The hope is to see the Union become more of a recreation and relaxation center for students and give it a homier feel. “In today’s age of technology, most students that you see in the Union will be on their laptops watching a video or scrolling through social media. Sometimes there will even be groups of friends sitting together, but no one is talking because they are on their computers. I hope that the board games will bring people out from behind their screens, get to know their friends better, make new friends and spend some quality time with them in a new way!

For more information please visit the LSU Student Union Information Desk located on the 2nd floor of the Union.