Departmental & USPS Mail

 What is the procedure to meter departmental mail through the USPS?
Please follow these procedures to sort and bundle mail to be metered:
  1. All mail requiring postage through the USPS should be kept separate from all other mail and bear a valid University return address (see below).
  2. The mail should be stacked with the addresses facing the same direction; larger pieces on the bottom and smaller pieces on the top.
    • In addition, postcards should be placed on top since our mail processing equipment does not differentiate between letter-sized pieces and postcards.
  3. Any letter-sized pieces that need to be machine sealed should be stacked with the flaps up and nested together.
    • Larger pieces of mail and overstuffed envelopes should already be sealed prior to being metered. Failure to properly seal this type of mail could result in unsecured content in the envelope.
  4. Mail should be bundled together by a rubber band and have the appropriate Charge Slip attached (Domestic Mail Charge Form or International Mail Charge Form).
    • Large quantities of mail that cannot be secured by a rubber band may be placed in a mail tub or mail tray with the Charge Slip placed on top in plain view.
      • Departments are strongly encouraged to rubber band the mail that requires metering. This ensures that the correct account is billed for the appropriate service.
      • International and Campus mail should be kept separate from domestic mail.
Are there any restrictions on the type of mail that can be processed?
  • Mail containing any hazardous materials cannot be processed.
    • Also, please contact The UPS Store at 578-6756 to inform them of heavy boxes for pick-up and metering, and to obtain the rate for special pick-up.
If a faculty or staff member changes departments, or leaves LSU, will you forward that person’s mail?
Individuals are responsible for updating their mailing address information by completing the appropriate USPS forms at
Reducing Junk Mail

For information on reducing the amount of junk mail you receive at work, visit the following web sites:

Where can a department get stamps?

Departments that need to purchase stamps for official university use may purchase stamps though The UPS Store at LSU. The UPS Store sells stamps individually, in books or rolls. If you are unavailable to pick up the stamps at the LSU Student Union location, The UPS Store can deliver the stamps via campus mail.

  • Please note that if you request stamps through campus mail, normal delivery timelines apply.
My department needs to send documents or packages through commercial carriers (FedEx or UPS).
Departmental packages must be sent via LSU Courier Services

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